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Bassil criticizes linkage of southern Lebanon with Gaza in interview with Kuwait’s "Al-Rai" newspaper

NNA - In an interview with Kuwait’s "Al-Rai" newspaper, head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, emphasized that the current period was characterized by major conflicts rather than significant compromises, with directions likely to become clearer post-U.S. elections. 

Bassil criticized the linkage of southern Lebanon with Gaza, particularly concerning the presidential election, insisting that Lebanese should elect a president independently of these broader conflicts.

Bassil noted that Lebanon is embroiled in a significant struggle that touches upon Israel’s very existence, questioning where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's next confrontation would emerge following Rafah. He underscored his opposition to Hezbollah’s unilateral decision to engage in conflict without consulting other Lebanese factions, which he believes has not benefited Lebanon.

While reaffirming his support for resistance against Israel and the defense agreement with Hezbollah, Bassil clarified his stance against Hezbollah's recent actions that he sees as detrimental. He advocated for a strategic defense approach rather than uncoordinated military actions.

Addressing the presidential issue, Bassil rejected a passive approach and stressed the urgency of reaching a consensus or proceeding with multiple electoral rounds to achieve a resolution. He expressed openness to the potential candidacy of Army Commander General Joseph Aoun if he were to seek public legitimacy.

Bassil reiterated his support for former Minister Jihad Azour as the most suitable candidate for the upcoming phase, while remaining open to considering other candidates once the situation becomes more concrete. He emphasized the party's internal cohesion, stating that any dissenting members must align with the party's established political decisions.

On relations with Hezbollah, Bassil remarked that the alliance’s resilience hinges on the remaining common ground and mutual understanding between the parties.





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