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"PSP has a vision for the return of the displaced to be discussed with all parties," reveals Abu Faour

NNA - Member of the “Democratic Gathering” parliamentary bloc, MP Wael Abu Faour, affirmed today that the Progressive Socialist Party has a vision for the return of the displaced Syrians to their country, which it intends to discuss with various Lebanese parties.

Speaking during a meeting held at the Kamal Jumblatt Cultural and Social Center in Rashaya to discuss the issue of displaced Syrians in wake of recent security incidents in the country, Abu Faour underlined that this is a “national and very important issue and must not be approached with the logic of incitement or discord between each other as Lebanese, but rather through a clear unanimous national plan that aims to organize this return.”

The MP continued to explain that this is a complex matter and is not within reach quickly, but requires political and non-political steps at the local internal level and on the outside as well.

“We, as a Democratic Gathering, had a previously prepared paper on this matter, which is being reconsidered and redeveloped amidst discussions that PSP is conducting with a number of political forces, alongside the Prime Minister, several concerned institutions, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Interior, the General Security, the Lebanese Army and other components,” stated Abu Faour.

“We will reformulate this paper or this proposal to be presented as ideas for a national plan, which can be adopted jointly by all political forces,” he asserted.



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