Fadlallah meets Mikati: The government is committed to full compensation for Israeli attacks

NNA - MP Hassan Fadlallah announced that Prime Minister Najib Mikati has pledged that the government will cover full compensation for property owners whose buildings were damaged by Israeli attacks on southern villages, especially those along the border.

The compensation will be determined based on assessments by the Southern Council to evaluate the cost of these homes.

Following a meeting with Mikati at the Government Palace, Fadlallah stated, "We have agreed that this matter is concluded for the Prime Minister, meaning securing the necessary funds for these demolished homes."

He highlighted discussions with Mikati on the repercussions of Israeli attacks on southern villages, particularly along the border, and the resulting damages to properties, including homes, cars, crops, and specific institutions such as places of worship.

"We reviewed this file from various perspectives regarding the responsibilities of the Lebanese state and the measures the government can take. While Hezbollah has begun compensating and conducted surveys in the southern region, it does not mean that the government is not concerned but is actively involved," Fadlallah explained.

Acknowledging Mikati's significant responsiveness, Fadlallah stressed that "the affected people are our people, and the government is committed to providing the necessary compensation."

Regarding restoration efforts, preliminary surveys indicate damage to around 1,500 homes from Naqoura to Shebaa, ranging from broken glass to severe structural damage. Mikati has also committed to compensating for the restoration efforts.

Fadlallah noted that two additional files involve damaged or destroyed cars and productive crops, such as olive fields. These matters will be further addressed, and the government is committed to compensating car and crop owners.

He concluded by mentioning the issue of allocations for the families of martyrs, stating that the necessary funds are available. The government will work on completing these matters, awaiting a list from the Southern Council with new pricing and specific mechanisms to ensure that rights reach their rightful owners. -- LBC english news



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