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Makhzoumi gathers spiritual leaders at his residence in the presence of Saudi Ambassador, calls for restoring principles of healthy coexistence in the country

NNA - Head of the National Dialogue Party, MP Fouad Makhzoumi, and his wife, Mrs. May, received in their home today Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Al-Bukhari, Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdul-Latif Darian, Maronite Patriarch's representative, Bishop Antoine Awkar, representative of the Armenian Orthodox Patriarch, Father Ashmanders Sarkis Ibrahim, Deputy Head of the Shiite Islamic Council, Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib, Druze Sheikh Akl, Sami Abi Al-Mouna, Head of the Supreme Islamic Council, Sheikh Mohammad Khader Asfour, Head of the Economic Affairs Department at the Saudi Embassy, Marwan al-Saleh, and media professionals.

The encounter was a chance to discuss the prevailing conditions in Lebanon, in the presence of a group of Makhzoumi's work team.

As he welcomed his attending guests, MP Makhzoumi stressed that "Lebanon is a country of openness and devotion," calling for "restoring the principles of healthy coexistence in the country."

He recalled his visit with a delegation of deputies to the Swedish capital, Stockholm, which presides over the European Union, where they met a number of officials, pointing to the positive response the delegation received. 

Makhzoumi indicated they will have another visit to Brussels to meet with officials of the European Union there, noting that "the aim of these visits is to inform officials of a road map based on reform and building state institutions, and to seek an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, as it is a mandatory passage for reforms and the only way to restore the international community's confidence in Lebanon and restore its relations with the Kingdom and the Gulf states."

For his part, Ambassador Bukhari stressed "the importance of electing a sovereign, savior president who is far from political and financial corruption and carries a clear rescue program, and also designating a prime minister who possesses the same specifications to form an effective government capable of rebuilding state institutions and pulling the country out of its crises."

The attendees unanimously agreed on the "positive role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," stressing that it "never stopped helping Lebanon and its people.

At the end of discussions, Makhzoumi hosted an iftar for his honorable guests.


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