Makary casts vote in Tripoli Engineers Syndicate elections, describes general atmosphere in the country as "sad and painful"

NNA - After casting his vote in the elections of the Engineers Syndicate in Tripoli to elect four Council members, Caretaker Minister of Information Ziad Al-Makary said that "the general atmosphere in the country is not comfortable, but rather sad and painful." 

He added, "What is happening takes us back, and an hour forward or backward will not rectify the situation."

Over Sunday's electoral day at the Engineers' Sydicate in the North, Makary said: "Today's elections in the Engineers Syndicate have a democratic atmosphere par excellence. We are proud of this achievement, as we all gather to express freely and exercise our legal right to elect whoever we see fit to join the council."

In line with these elections, Makary hoped that "the municipal elections will take place on time and in a democratic atmosphere, as is the case today in the Engineers Syndicate," adding, "We hope that politicians will learn from the Syndicate."



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