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Corm conducts field inspection of suspended telecom exchange stations, supervises process of filling oil & diesel, repairing generators to ensure "Ogero" service continuity

NNA - The Ministry of Tele-Communications announced in a statement today that with the aim of resolving the problems that occurred on the Ogero network in some Lebanese regions after the employees' union announced their general strike starting Friday, Tele-Communications Minister, Eng. Johny Corm, immeidately conducted a field inspection of the suspended telecom exchage stations, overseeing the process of filling oil and diesel, repairing generators, and securing all supplies for many telecom exchange units, in order to ensure the continuity of the "Ogero" service in all regions.

In this context, the Caretaker Tele-Communications Minister made contacts in order to ensure operations in telecom exchange units and gave instructions to deal with matters immediately without any delay, especially those that have a significant impact on navigation so as to ensure the continued productivity of all telecom exchanges that were affected by the employees' strike.

Corm also contacted the "Alfa” and “Touch” companies, asking them to fill diesel fuel and carry out maintenance operations for the generators belonging to Ogero, so that the failure of these generators would not be a reason for the cessation of cellphone service for the Lebanese.

The Minister stressed that he fully understands the demands of the employees and that he was seeking all available means to secure their rights. However, he emphasized that he was not about to deprive 5 million Lebanese of internet service and let the sector perish.

Corm urged the employees to be aware of the importance of this facility, especially since all sectors in Lebanon are directly linked to it, adding that he will demand the imposition of severe penalties on employees who deliberately suspend this public utility.



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