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Makhzoumi from Dar Al-Fatwa: For benefiting internally from the regional situation to get out of the prevailing crisis

NNA – Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdel-Latif Darian, received today at Dar al-Fatwa, National Dialogue Party Leader, MP Fouad Makhzoumi, accompanied by the Director General of the Makhzoumi Foundation Samer Al-Safeh, with talks touching on domestic affairs and the general situation in the country.

Following the meeting, Makhzoumi said, "The visit is to congratulate His Eminence on the approaching holy month of Ramadan, may God bring all blessings to the Lebanese...This month is the month of tolerance and solidarity, and we must cooperate with each other."

He stressed "the need to benefit internally from the regional conditions to get out of the difficult crisis the country is going through, as the dollar has crossed the threshold of one hundred thousand and the Lebanese lira has lost its value, while on the other hand, after about a year since the initial agreement with the International Monetary Fund, no reform has been implemented."

On another note, Makhzoumi appreciated the keen concern of the Saudi Kingdom for Lebanon, recalling the five umbrellas that protected Lebanon during the last period, especially the initiative that reached us through the State of Kuwait and its content, through which they pledged their readiness to help us but in return there are constants and conditions that we must adhere to, as it is no longer possible to extend any assistance if Lebanon continues to interfere outside its borders.

The MP also recalled his visit along with a delegation of 40 deputies to Stockholm where they met with officials of the European Union, pointing to "the response that the delegation received," stressing that "we will have a visit to Brussels to make our voice heard again for the European Union."

Makhzoumi concluded by stressing his support for Dar Al-Fatwa and the Zakat Fund, underlining the need to ease the burdens on the Lebanese citizen and expressed optimism towards the possibility of cooperating to reach a solution in the coming period.



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