Monday 17 Jun 2024 - 12:00

12:59 pm


Sami Gemayel meets GLC Head, President Pharmacists’ Syndicate Head

NNA - "Kataeb" party leader, MP Sami Gemayel, on Tuesday met General Labor Confederation Head, Dr. Bechara Al-Asmar, and Pharmacists' Syndicate Head, Joe Salloum, who briefed him on the details of the general strike called forth by the union on February 8 all throughout Lebanon.

For his part, Salloum called for an immediate election of a new Lebanese president, warning that otherwise the lengthily awaited president will be elected by “the street”. 

Al-Asmar said that the strike that is planned to take place in February was of a comprehensive nature, taking into account the country’s general security situation. 





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