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National Defense Parliamentary Committee convenes under chairmanship of MP Samad

NNA – The House Committee of National Defense, Interior and Municipalities, on Tuesday convened under the chairmanship of MP Jihad Samad, and in the presence of Caretaker Minister of National Defense, Maurice Sleem.

In the wake of the meeting, MP Samad announced the committee’s recommendations, in which the committee saluted the army command, “which at this stage bears an exceptional responsibility for preserving security, civil peace and the unity of the country.”

The Committee also appealed to everyone to overcome any disagreement or divergence of views regarding the interpretation and application of military laws and regulations, calling on everyone to seek common spaces that unite rather than set apart in this exceptional phase of the nation's history.

The committee also urged all political, partisan and media parties to rise above political or personal calculations and to neutralize the military establishment from any conflict, disagreement or competition.


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