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President Aoun, Patriarch Minassian confer over general affairs

President Aoun: “We hope to complete all arrangements related to the demarcation of the southern maritime borders within days after the indirect negotiations went a long way”
President Aoun: “The launch of the oil and gas exploration process marks the beginning of a new impetus for the economic recovery process”
Patriarch Minassian to President Aoun: “You sacrificed and risked a lot for the sake of the country. You took firm and courageous positions in the interest of Lebanon”
Patriarch Minassian briefed President Aoun about his trip to the Vatican to follow the canonization file of the late Patriarch Cardinal Krikor Pedros Aghajanian
NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, met the Armenian Catholic Patriarch of Cilicia, Patriarch Raphael Pedros XXI Minassian, today at Baabda Palace.

President Aoun assured Patriarch Minassian on the eve of his trip to the Vatican, that he hopes to complete all the arrangements related to the demarcation of the southern maritime borders within the next few days, after indirect negotiations led by the American mediator, Amos Hochstein, have advanced a long way, and the gaps that were negotiated over the past week have narrowed.  

In addition, President Aoun considered that reaching an agreement on the demarcation of the southern maritime borders means the start of the process of exploration for oil and gas in the Lebanese fields located within the exclusive economic zone, which will achieve the beginning of a new impetus for the process of economic revival.
Moreover, the President praised the role played by members of the Armenian Catholic community, along with members of other sects, in contributing to the recovery of Lebanon as soon as possible.
At the beginning of the meeting, Patriarch Minassian gave a speech in which he thanked President Aoun for the sacrifices he made for the sake of Lebanon. 

Patriarch Minassian said: “You have sacrificed and risked a lot for the sake of the country, since you assumed the responsibility of leading this country, beginning with its valiant army until it handed you the presidency of Lebanon, which is going through an unenviable period of regression, which prompted you to take firm and courageous stances in the interest of our homeland, Lebanon. That is why we wanted to visit you today, and thank you for everything you have done for this country and its steadfast people”.

“We came as representatives of our sect, which, despite its small number, has been and continues to witness throughout history its strong presence, represented in serving this country and its people, and sowing the seeds of coexistence and brotherhood among its children. This Armenian Catholic sect who sincerely loved this country and harmonized with its children, had lived and tasted hunger, war, prosperity and success. This sect, in its patriarchal seat, from the monastery of Our Lady of Bzommar, which seems silent but toils, works and prays through its priests who are scattered at home and abroad, for the sake of Lebanon.  We pray today and ask God to pour out His abundant blessings upon you so that you can save Lebanon and its people from this dark tunnel and bring it to the shore of relief and prosperity” Patriarch Minassian added.
Patriarch Minassian also briefed President Aoun on the objectives of his visit to Rome, most notably following up the file of the canonization of the late Patriarch Cardinal Krikor Pedros Aghajanian, and researching a number of issues of concern to the sect.  

There general situation in the country and the work of the patriarchal institutions in the humanitarian, social and apostolic fields, especially during the difficult circumstances that Lebanon has been going through in the past years were also tackled.
Patriarch Minassian was accompanied on the visit by Beirut MP Jean Taluzian, patriarchal assistant, Archbishop Georges Asadorian, Patriarch's secretary Father Narek Minoian, and the patriarch's public relations and media official, Charbel Bastouri.
After the meeting, Patriarch Minassian made the following statement:
“Our visit to His Excellency the President was friendly, as I told him the reason for our travel to Rome, which is to initiate the claim of His Holiness Cardinal Aghajanian, who was the Armenian Catholic Patriarch in difficult years, and who worked for the independence of Lebanon. 

I wished President Aoun to reach a better future for our country, Lebanon”.

----- Presidency Information Office 



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