Nasrallah: We hope the demarcation file ends well, which will open new, promising horizons for the Lebanese people

NNA - Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, considered that "the grace of resistance must be firmly adhered to, and we must not be influenced by all voices that do not offer an alternative, but rather their words are illusions and a mirage."

Speaking in a ceremony honoring the late Sayyed Muhammad Ali al-Amin in the southern town of Shaqra, the Secretary-General deemed that "if the maritime border demarcation file reaches the required and good outcome, it will be the product of unity, cooperation and national solidarity."

He said: "After these months of relentless effort and political and media struggle, we witnessed today the three presidents receiving the proposed written text to address this file, and this is a very important step. The state is the one to take the decision it deems appropriate for Lebanon's interest in demarcation, and we are facing crucial days in this dossier, which we hope will reach good conclusions that will open new and promising horizons for the Lebanese people.”
On the presidential file, he believed that "the last presidential election session confirmed that no single party has a majority in Parliament, and that whoever wants to elect a president of the republic must move away from the logic of challenge, and that of challenging presidential candidates."

Nasrallah also hoped "that a real government will be formed in the coming days," calling for "a serious judicial investigation into the dossier of death boats."



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