President Aoun addresses proceedings of first presidential election session

NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, followed-up on the proceedings of the first session to elect a new President of the Republic that convened in Parliament.

The President expressed satisfaction with the launch of the electoral process in an atmosphere of democracy that has always characterized the Lebanese system over the years, despite the fact that the sequence of events during the past years necessitates an assessment of the country’s general political performance.

Moreover, President Aoun expressed his hope that the electoral sessions would continue within the constitutional deadline so that the parliament could elect a new president, who would complete the reform and fight against corruption that began six years ago, in addition to confronting the difficult economic and social conditions that citizens suffer from, as a result of the mistakes committed more than 30 years ago, and brought the country to what we are in today.

Former MP Rahme:

The President met former MP Emile Rahme, today at Baabda Palace, and tackled with him general issues and latest political developments.

After the meeting, Rahme said: “It was a discussion in which President Aoun stressed the need to form a government with full constitutional specifications as soon as possible, to keep pace with the current and future developments with the acceleration of benefits”.

“The President also saw the convening of today’s Parliament session devoted to electing a new President of the Republic, regardless of its results, is a step on the right path towards achieving the presidential elections within the constitutional deadline” Rahme added.

In addition, Rahme said that he briefed President Aoun on the positive atmosphere that prevailed in the meeting he held with the Grand Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Dr. Abdel Latif Derian, and the wise positions issued by His Eminence the Mufti on the current situation.

Cable from the Supreme Pontiff:

The President received a telegram from His Holiness Pope Francis, thanking him for his condolences on the death of Cardinal Angelo Sodano, a friend of Lebanon.


“I thank you for what you expressed towards the concern that the late Cardinal Sodano attached to Lebanon in his service to the Church. I raise my prayers to the Lord so that his memory and this message may remain full of the fruits of justice and peace in this suffering region of the world”.--Presidency Press Office 





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