Aoun meets Abbot Mahfouz, addresses general affairs with MP Al-Sayed and former Minister Safadi

NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, met the new President of the Lebanese Maronite Order, Abbot Hadi Mahfouz, administrators, Fathers: Georges Hobeika, Michel Bou Taqqa, Tony Fakhri, and the General Secretary of the Order, Father Tony Eid.

The visit was on the occasion of the election of the new General Presidency Board of the Order.

President Aoun wished Abbot Mahfouz and the board of administrators success in their new duties, focusing on the pioneering role achieved by the Lebanese Maronite Order in national, spiritual, educational, humanitarian and social fields, especially in the difficult circumstances the country is going through.

For his side, Abbot Mahfouz presented the work of the monastery in its various sections throughout Lebanon and the world, its educational, university and health institutions, in addition to the social and humanitarian activities it undertakes to alleviate the suffering of the Lebanese today.

General affairs and recent developments were also tackled in the meeting.

General President of the Pauline Association:

The President Aoun received the General President of the Association of Pauline Missionaries, Father Marwan Sidi and the Guide of the Carmelite Sisters in Harissa, Father Julian Qreit.

The Association’s work in various spiritual, social and humanitarian fields was deliberated in the meeting.

MP Al-Sayed:

President Aoun met MP Major General, Jamil El-Sayed, and discussed with him recent affairs.

After the meeting, MP El-Sayed indicated that he had discussed “The issue of stumbling in the formation of the new government and the dire consequences that this entails on the economic, living and financial situation and on the rescue plan that must be adopted at this stage”.

“In this regard, the various political and constitutional exits that should lead to the formation of this government were discussed, in anticipation of a presidential vacuum and the ensuing consequences for an authority vacuum, in that the resigned government would be unable to inherit the powers of the President of the Republic” MP Al-Sayed said.

“I also discussed with His Excellency the President the issue of demarcating the southern maritime borders in light of the Israeli procrastination in responding to the recent Lebanese proposal. In this regard, it is not surprising that Israel has permanent ambitions for water, land and wealth, but Lebanon’s position is still strong in the field of binding Israel through recognizing his rights, especially since any slowdown in this area will have repercussions on the level of regional stability, including the Lebanese stability, which depends on extracting that wealth to develop the economic, living and financial reality that Lebanon is experiencing at this crucial stage” MP Al-Sayed concluded.

Former Minister Safadi:

President Aoun received former Minister, Muhammad Safadi, and deliberated with him general affairs, especially the economic conditions, and the prospects for exiting the current crisis.—Presidency Press Office 





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