President Aoun: Border demarcation will soon end, and the solution will satisfy everyone

NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, stressed that the tour undertaken by the Energy Minister, Walid Fayyad, to Egypt and Iraq, was positive in the matters he discussed about the use of gas and oil to provide Lebanon with more hours of electricity supply.


In an interview on OTV this evening, the President emphasized that “Southern maritime border demarcations will end soon, and the solution will be in the interest of Lebanon and will satisfy everyone”.


“We are on the verge of understanding with the Americans who are mediating between Lebanon and Israel” President Aoun confirmed.



Question: The Energy Minister went to Egypt and Iraq to discuss importing gas and oil to Lebanon to generate energy. What about the meetings held in these two countries, and what were Minister Fayyad's impressions? What about border demarcation, which concerns all Lebanese, and whose solution may be the beginning of reaching solutions to many files?

Answer: “We have to separate the issue of border demarcation and the mission undertaken by the EnergyMinister. In the second issue, the transactions that the parties must carry out had to be completed, and this matter necessitated the minister's visit to Egypt and Iraq.

Thank God, the results are positive. For more details, it is possible to ask the Energy Minister”.


Question: What about border demarcation?

Answer: “On the issue of border demarcation, we will finish soon, God willing. There is no a long time to finish this matter”.


Question: Is the solution in the interest of Lebanon?

Answer: “Certainly, the solution is for the benefit of all. We draw the borders. In such a matter, the two parties must be satisfied with the solution, and not one party dominating over the other”.


Question: What about the ship that is said to be operating in the Karish field?

Answer: "As far as I know, I don't know what happened at night when the drones went there”.


Question: Is it true that the American mediator conveyed a message to Lebanon about the necessity of reaching a solution within two months, or else Israel will search for gas?

Answer: “I can say that the period that separates us from the solution has become short, and I think that we are on the verge of understanding with the Americans who are mediating between Lebanon and Israel, but I do not know the exact time for this solution. I think we will reach a solution that satisfies everyone”.


Question: Is there a positive atmosphere in this regard?

Answer: “Of course, otherwise we would have stopped negotiating.


Question: This result is due to the official position you have taken and the unified position that Lebanon has taken on this file?

Answer: “Certainly, we have set the framework of understanding that we want, and on this basis, we are discussing with others”.  -----Presidency Press Office









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