Rifi: Promoting homosexuality is inconsistent with the principles of our society

NNA - MP Major General Ashraf Rifi affirmed, in a statement on Sunday, that "our respect for human rights and public freedoms is sacred and must be adhered to in order to protect the stability of our country and society; however, we do not accept that it transcends the culture, customs and traditions of our society, alongside respecting its obligations and protecting its cohesion."

He added: "Therefore, we believe that promoting homosexuality is inconsistent with the principles, history and customs of our society, which we consider to be outside the norm in religious, civil and moral terms, and a situation that must be addressed, not legislated and encouraged."

"From here, we advocate the positions of all religious and civil authorities, especially the positions of Dar Al-Fatwa and His Eminence the Mufti of the Republic, who objected to the systematic promotion of this unacceptable behavior."



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