Solidarity stand by "Forces of Change" Deputies in Naqoura: For amending Decree #6433

NNA - Al-Naqoura - Representatives of the "Forces of Change", MPs Melhem Khalaf, Halima Kaakour and Firas Bou Hamdan, with the participation of the Communist Party, the "Right and Justice" Association and a number of citizens, on Saturday, staged a solidarity stand in Naqoura at the closest point to the Lebanese-Palestinian border facing the sea watermarks, to demand amending Decree #6433 and approving Line 29.

The participants condemned "the excavation works carried out by the Israeli enemy on Line 29", refusing "to give up this line", and "blaming the state for that..."

Raising Lebanese flags and patriotic slogans and denouncing Israel's action while calling for adherence to Line 29, MPs Khalaf and Kaakour spoke on behalf of the participants as the Israeli enemy's boats monitored the sit-in.

MP Bou Hamdan read out a statement by the "Forces of Change" parliamentary bloc, in which he underlined "adherance to Lebanon's southern maritime borders in accordance with Line 29, which is a legitimate, legal and proven line by international documents and laws consecrating international norms and good faith, especially the provisions of Articles 74 and 83 of the Convention on the Law of the Sea."

"We, as members of parliament and representatives of the Lebanese people and the entire nation, do not accept in any way wasting our marine wealth that belongs to all citizens alike," the statement said, underlining the "strong determination to demand stable sovereign rights for all people, without any compromise or settlement."

"We turn to the concerned officials, from the President of the Republic and the government, to ask them again and again, to immediately initiate the amendment of Decree 6433/2011 and to attach this to all international measures - which we enumerated in our press conference last Monday - that protect these sovereign rights," the statement continued. It emphasized the "Forces of Change" deputies' decision to move forward with this issue to the end until reaching the desired goal, applying all practical and operational measures. 



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