Khalaf on behalf of Forces of Change MPs calls for solidarity stand in Naqoura on Saturday to demand amendment of Decree 6433

NNA - Member of Parliament, Melhem Khalaf, on Monday called for a solidarity stand in Naqoura on Saturday, June 11, to demand an immediate amendment of Decree 6433. 

The lawmaker affirmed in a press conference held at the House of Parliament — on the behalf of the “Forces of Change” MPs over “Lebanon’s line 29 sovereignty and the demarcation of the southern maritime borders” —  that the Forces of Change MPs were fully aware of the international role that Lebanon could play in defending its wealth. 

“What is required is one thing only, and it’s that the Lebanese unite over a single, unifying vision through which they decisively affirm their full right to Line 29,” Khalaf said. 

“The wealth of our country is the right of the Lebanese people and the future generations. What we are experiencing in terms of the incessant violation of our citizen rights, let alone the unjustifiable failure to amend Decree 6433/2011 in order to preserve our environmental and economic assets, raises suspicion,” Khalaf added. 

“The trust that the Lebanese people have given us through polls is a trust without a ceiling. What we are dealing with today is a serious problem that has been manipulated for many years (…). The Israeli enemy has begun the oil drilling process in some fields, including those adjacent to the Lebanese border, which constitutes a flagrant attack against Lebanon’s rights,” Khalaf explained. 

Addressing the country’s executive authority, Khalaf wondered, “After you have turned your backs on the financial, economic, and social crises, you are still striving to deprive the Lebanese people of their acquired and protected rights in international law, so in whose favor are you wasting these rights?” 

He went on to express firm belief that the executive authority's failure to carry out its duties towards this crucial issue placed it under the “microscope of accountability” at the House of Parliament and before public opinion, “especially due to its failure to amend Decree 6433/2011 and to send it to the United Nations.” 

Khalaf went on to demand a clear official national position “away from any political, factional, sectarian, or theft considerations” to preserve Lebanon's rights. 

He asked of the executive authority to swiftly amend Decree No. 6433 / 2011, as per the proposals of the Lebanese Army Command, and then forward the amended decree to the United Nations General Secretariat, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 16 and 75 of the United Nations Convention to the Law of the Sea.

Khalaf also requested of the executive authority to issue a warning letter to ENERGEAN company, to submit a complaint against the Israeli enemy to the Security Council, and to send a letter of objection against Israel to the UN Secretary-General. 

MP Khalaf finally mentioned some of the steps that the “forces of change” planned to take in the event of failure to amend the decree.

It is to note that the “Forces of Change" MPs are the following: 

Ibrahim Mneimneh, Elias Jordi, Paula Yacoubian, Halima Al-Qaqour, Rami Feng, Cynthia Zarazir, Firas Hamdan, Mark Daou, Melhem Khalaf, Michel Douaihy, Najat Aoun, Wadah Al-Sadiq, and Yassin Yassin.






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