Berri tackles developments with Ain Al-Tineh visitors, asks for easing security measures around House of Parliament

NNA - House Speaker, Nabih Berri, on Monday welcomed at his Ain al-Tineh residence, MP Sagih Attieh, with whom he discussed the general situation, especially the needs of Akkar and the north region. The pair also discussed the latest political developments. 

In the wake of the meeting, and in response to a question whether his bloc would vote for Speaker Berri, MP Attieh said: “In principle, yes.”

Berri separately welcomed Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon, Dr. Yasser Alawi, with whom he discussed the general situation in Lebanon and the region, as well as bilateral relations between the two countries. 

“I’ve conveyed to the House Speaker the same position that I had conveyed to Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, which deems elections as the first step towards reconfiguring the political authority in accordance with the requirements of the constitution and the popular will of the brotherly Lebanese people. We support the completion of these steps and other constitutional deadlines on time. It is no secret to anyone that neither the Lebanese nor the regional and international circumstances enjoy the luxury of wasting time,” the Egyptian diplomat said. 

“Time is not on anyone’s side. What is required is a swift completion of the reconfiguration process of the political authority in Lebanon. We have successive deadlines because the re-establishment of the political authority is a necessary condition for completing the reform process and lifting the economic situation to a place that this ancient country and its great people deserve,” Alawi added.

Berri then welcomed MP Hassan Murad, with whom he discussed the general situation. 

On the other hand, a statement issued by Speaker Berri’s press office called for easing the security measures that were previously taken around the House Parliament before the next parliamentary session.





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