Rifi from Maarab: We will never agree to a Parliament Speaker from the existing system & we reject its persistence

NNA - Lebanese Forces Party Chief Samir Geagea met Saturday in Maarab with elected deputy, Major General Ashraf Rifi, in presence of the elected LF deputy Elie Khoury, Geagea's Advisor for legal affairs Said Malik, and Tripoli Coordinator Jad Damian.

Following their one and a half hour meeting, Rifi deemed today's visit to Maarab as being within the framework of his alliance with the Lebanese Forces Party, "in the service of our people in Tripoli's Minnieh-Dinnieh district and all of Lebanon."

He stressed, "We are part of a national alliance that requires union and cooperation in the face of the Iranian project, in order to reach a sovereign, free, independent and secure homeland for ourselves and our children's future."

He added that they both underlined the importance of this alliance to implement operational programs across Lebanon, particularly in Tripoli. "We agreed to be within the framework of a single alliance, not a single bloc, in preparation for a national front in the future that includes every honest and patriotic sovereign person," Rifi emphasized.    

As for his stance on naming Nabih Berri as Speaker of the House for a new term, Rifi said: "We represent a Lebanese segment of sovereign change, so we will choose figures within this framework, and therefore we will never agree to any of the existing system and reject its continuation, as we are looking with our allies for an alternative that resembles us..."  

In response to another question on the Deputy House Speaker position and the possibility of any settlement in this context, Rifi replied: "Things are not personal. We respect and appreciate elected MP Ghassan Hasbani, and in the event of his candidacy, we support him, and this applies to any other sovereign change option, but the decision has not yet been taken at the present moment."



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