Elected MP Bizri: Contracting company for waste treatment must perform its duty

NNA - Elected MP Abdul-Rahman Al-Bizri considered, in an issued statement today, that the solution reached by the municipality in collecting waste and transporting it to a yard near the treatment center is a temporary solution to remove the piles of waste that filled the streets.
"We have to search for a more serious solution in order not to fall into this environmental disaster again," he said.

"The company contracting with the municipality for waste treatment must perform its duty, especially since it has refrained from carrying out any integrated treatment, and has contented itself with collecting waste without any treatment for months," Al-Bizri added.

"The problem of waste and ways to dispose of it, treat it and remove the new mountains of waste, is one of our priorities in cooperation with the Sidon Municipality and the Ministry of Environment, which we call upon to carry out its duty even in times of caretaker business," the new MP underlined.



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