President Aoun tackles array of issues with Baabda visitors, chairs last Mikati-led cabinet session tomorrow

NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, will chair the last Cabinet session, tomorrow at 2:30pm, before the government enters the caretaker stage with the beginning of the new Parliament term emanating from the parliamentary elections that took place last Sunday.  

In the session, the Cabinet will address an agenda of 132 items dealing with financial, employment, educational and other issues.

National Defense Minister:

President Aoun received National Defense Minister, Maurice Sleem, today at Baabda Palace.

General and security affairs that accompanied the parliamentary elections last Sunday in light of the measures taken by the army to provide appropriate climates for citizens to exercise their national duty, were discussed.

The measures taken to address some  Individual incidents recorded on the sidelines of the electoral process were also deliberated, in addition to the conditions of the military and the measures to be taken to enable them to face the difficult economic conditions in the country, and the topics on the Cabinet's agenda tomorrow on this issue.

Minister Hajjar:

The President met Social Affairs Minister, Hector Hajjar.

Minister Hajjar broefed President Aoun on the results of the conference held in Brussels on supporting “The future of Syria and the region,” which dealt in particular with the situation of the displaced Syrians in a number of countries neighboring Syria, including Lebanon.  

Minister Hajjar also affirmed that Lebanon's position was clear during the conference regarding the necessity of facilitating the process of returning the displaced Syrians, and Lebanon's inability to bear more negative repercussions caused by the Syrian displacement on various sectors in the country.  

Moreover, Minister Hajjar briefed President Aoun on the deliberations that took place during the conference and the side meetings he held with a number of its participants.

Former MP Rahme:

The President received former MP Emile Rahma and discussed with him the latest developments and post-parliamentary elections phase.


After the meeting, Rahma made the following statement:

"I was pleased to visit the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun.

During the meeting, the general situation was addressed following the parliamentary elections.

I wished the President to redouble his efforts during the remainder of his term to stop the economic and financial bleeding, and to address the suffering of citizens in light of the criminality that continues to perpetuate them and the gangs that manipulate the exchange rates of the lira, in addition to the monopolists who invoke this to raise the prices of food commodities.

I found in the President of the Republic a great understanding of the citizens' revolution against the status quo, and his keenness to address this accelerated deterioration in light of the repercussions of international and regional developments on Lebanon.

I also congratulated President Aoun on his fulfillment of his promise and his keenness to hold the parliamentary elections on the dates set for him, and we thank God for that thanks to the measures taken by the army and other security forces, judges and chiefs of polls for their distinguished performance and for ensuring transparent elections”.

Rahme also oped that the elected assembly would "put aside divisions and alignments, and proceed immediately to approving urgent laws related to economic and financial reforms, and prioritizing the priorities that people are waiting for.

“I also hope to "Form a new, capable government that can face challenges, and accompany the election of a new president of the republic. The debate over the parliamentary volumes between the parties, and the alliance between the Lebanese to save the country, which is ahead of us all, must be stopped.

Let those who have two ears know that no one can cancel the presence of the other and his role in Lebanon, no matter how powerful and great it is. I felt President Aoun’s understanding the ideas and thoughts that were presented about the post-parliamentary elections, and the president will have an important speech tomorrow about the elections, their results, and the ensuing entitlements, based on his constitutional position as president of the country.

Housing Bank President

The President received the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director General of the Housing Bank, Mr. Antoine Habib.

Mr. Habib presented the Housing Bank plan, under which housing loans will be given to the Lebanese in addition to loans for solar energy.


After the meeting, Mr. Habib made the following statement:

“I had the honor to meet His Excellency the President, and we informed him of the Housing Bank’s plan, according to which there will be loans to the Lebanese people starting from June 20.

We urge to intervene with the Kuwaiti authorities to release the loan of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development of Fifty million Kuwaiti dinars in order to be able to meet all requests for solar energy loans, and to purchase or renovate homes.

The loans will be given to people with low and medium incomes, according to the provisions of the bank system. We will start doing this starting from June 20, knowing that loan applications will be submitted through an electronic application on phones. The citizen is no longer obliged to leave his village or town to submit the application. We are about to sign, next week, with the Ministry of Energy, a joint cooperation protocol for solar energy loans.

Questions & Answers:

In response to a question about the existence of special conditions for obtaining loans, Mr. Habib replied: “The loans are for the purchase of a home, as the loan is for 100 million pounds over 30 years at an interest rate of 5%, on the basis that the minimum family income is 6 million pounds, and the maximum is 20 Million pounds. The Bank is for the needy according to what was established by the law that was issued on the initiative of His Excellency President Sarkis and Premier Hoss, so all our directions are to give the groups who are unable to buy or renovate a house”.

Regarding the solar energy loan, Mr. Habib explained that “The loan will be between 75 million and 200 million pounds, and the maximum family income is 6 million pounds, and the maximum is 20 million pounds, for the purchase of between 5 to 10 amperes. As for the bond, it will be monthly at a value of one million and 400 thousand for a loan. 75 million pounds, and two million and 800 thousand for a 150 million loan”.

Congratulations to the President of the United Arab Emirates:

The President sent a cable to the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Sultan Al Nahyan, congratulating him on his assumption of the presidency of the UAE.

President Aoun wished Sheikh Zayed success in his new responsibilities “For the welfare, and prosperity of the brotherly Emirati people”.

President Aoun also praised the brotherly relations between Lebanon and the UAE, looking forward to development in all fields.—Presidency Press Office 






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