Aoun follows up on health conditions with head of Syndicate of Physicians, deliberates situation of Chouf region with MP Al-Bustani, congratulates President of UAE on National Day

NNA - President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, followed-up on developments related to the renewed increase in the number of people infected with the Corona epidemic after the decline that was achieved during the last period.

The President expressed his concern about the new situation, and called for speeding up taking the necessary measures to limit the spread of the pandemic again and responding to the organized campaigns for vaccination through raising the level of necessary preventive measures, and the readiness of government and private hospitals to face any emergency.

President Aoun received head of the Lebanese Order of Physicians in Beirut, Professor Sharaf Abu Sharaf, today at Baabda Palace.

Professor Abou Sharaf briefed the President on the current situation, stressing the need to put the country on high alert to confront the renewed spread of the Corona epidemic and the new transgenic that appeared in a number of countries, especially Arab countries.  

Professor Abou Sharaf also stated that the World Health Organization sounded the alarm and alerted to the new developments in this epidemic, as well as the major countries. “If the uncontrolled situation continues, we will face a great danger that affects the health system and may lead to its collapse, because there is no possibility of confrontation in the health sector, especially if citizens do not adhere to preventive instructions, especially vaccination, knowing that the vaccine is available in large quantities” Prof Abou Sharaf said.

In addition, Professor Abou Sharaf advised not to ease in approaching this dangerous reality “So that we do not fall into the same problem that we fell into last year, especially since the medical and nursing sector is exhausted these days and cannot absorb large and new numbers of infections, because the migration of doctors, nurses and medical staff is increasing and there are hospitals which have closed their doors and others which will be closing”.

“Therefore, I stressed the necessity of preparedness in all sectors to face the danger of the outbreak of the epidemic with the approaching holiday period. And I found that His Excellency is following up on this issue and gave directions to the concerned authorities to give this issue the necessary attention because nothing is more important  than the safety and health of the Lebanese, despite the difficult economic and living conditions the country is going through” Prof Abou Sharaf added.

MP Boustany and Mayor of Damour:

President Aoun met the head of the Parliamentary Economy and Trade Committee, MP Dr. Farid Boustany, and the mayor of Damour, Mr. Charles Ghafri.

The meeting tackled social and humanitarian issues related to the Chouf region, foremost of which was the direct construction of Damour Governmental Hospital after the necessary funds were allocated to this project, however work has not started yet.

President Aoun gave directives to the concerned authorities to follow up on this matter, especially since the coastal area of the Chouf lacks a hospital center that meets the needs of citizens.

Congratulations to UAE President:

The President congratulated the President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, on the UAE National Day. 

The telegram stated:

“On the occasion of your brotherly country’s celebration of the National Day, I address to Your Highness, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Lebanese people, my heartfelt congratulations on the pride, development and modernity achieved by your will and vision for your country.

Today, we look to the UAE as a brotherly country that we are proud of, and we aspire to consolidate the best bilateral relations with it, appreciating with gratitude the white hands of you, your people and your officials towards our homeland, and towards the Lebanese who are embraced by your state as its sons, providing them with all conditions of safety and reassurance.

I ask God Almighty to provide you with health and wellness to continue to lead your people and your country on the paths of peace and prosperity”.—Presidency Press Office 







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