President Aoun receives more Independence telegrams, holds talks with Ministers of Defense, Sports, and Beirut Governor

NNA - Pope Francis renewed his attachment to Lebanon and the Lebanese and to the unique role of the cedar homeland in the Middle East, and its ability to transcend sectarian affiliations to move towards a common national feeling.

The Pope’s position was stated in a telegram addressed to the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, on the occasion of Independence Day.

Telegram Text:

“The National Day of Lebanon gives me the opportunity to extend to your Excellency and your citizens my best congratulations. Your nation's project is based on overcoming sectarian affiliations to walk together towards a common national feeling.

You know how special Lebanon and its children are to me, as well as to its unique role in the Middle East. From this standpoint, I ask the Almighty God to support your path on the difficult and courageous path in the service of the common good. 

President of the State of Palestine:

President Aoun received a congratulatory cable from the President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, in which he stressed "The keenness to work together in order to enrich brotherly and historical relations”. 

President Abbas also expressed appreciation to Lebanon's "positions in support of the Palestinian people, their cause and their legitimate struggle to restore their land and sanctities and achieve their freedom and independence." 

The telegram also stated: “In the midst of your celebration of the 78th anniversary of the glorious independence of the Lebanese Republic, we are pleased to present to Your Excellency, in the name of the state and people of Palestine and in my own name, and through you to the brotherly Lebanese government and people, with the highest brotherly expressions of congratulations. We pray to God Almighty to restore this occasion to Your Excellency, with health, happiness and success, the Lebanese Republic and its brotherly people should achieve more stability and prosperity.

On this important occasion, we affirm our keenness to work together to enrich the brotherly and historical relations that bind our two countries, of which we are very proud, to achieve more fruitful cooperation for the benefit of our two peoples.  

We highly appreciate the stances of the brotherly Lebanese Republic, under your wise leadership, in support of our people, their cause and their legitimate struggle to restore their land and sanctities and gain their freedom and independence”.

Minister of National Defense:

President Aoun received Minister of National Defense, Maurice Sleem, today at Baabda Palace, and discussed with him current conditions and recent developments, in addition to the security situation in the country and the work of the institutions affiliated with the ministry.

 Military conditions, and the difficult living conditions they live in, and ways to address this issue were also tackled.

Minister of Youth and Sports

The President met Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. George Kallas, and discussed with him the general situation, recent developments, and ministerial affairs. After the meeting, Minister Kallas said: 

"I was honored to meet His Excellency the President and presented him with a summary of the work progress in the ministry, and stood on his directives regarding the preparations made by the ministry to receive two important Arab events in 2022: The first is Lebanon as the capital of Arab youth 2022, and the second is the Arab Thirtieth Scout Conference 2022. 

The two events will be held in Lebanon according to a schedule of celebrations and activities in which ministries related to youth, sports, scouts and tourism will participate.

The discussion also dealt with the ministry’s policy of working to revive sports as a development factor in the regions, and to focus on promoting sportsmanship, which we hope will be a “positive infection” that will be reflected in the general political situation, and move us from a precarious situation to a situation of more solidarity and calm, governed by a spirit of sacrifice, and nationalism, in order to preserve Lebanon, the qualitative homeland in its diversity.

His Excellency expressed all the interest in restoring Lebanon's role and presence on the Arab and international sports map”.

Beirut Governor:

President Aoun received the Governor of Beirut, Judge Marwan Abboud.

Governor Abboud said that he briefed the President about the difficulties of working in the city of Beirut as a result of the deterioration of the value of the national currency, as well as the damages caused by obsolescence in the infrastructure.  

 “I briefed His Excellency the President on the method of work followed to face the burdens resulting from the general situation and took his directives for the next stage” Abboud said.

Questions & Answers:

In response to a question about compensation for those affected by the explosion of the Port of Beirut, the Governor explained that the municipality has allocated 50 billion pounds, and “The necessary transactions have been completed to disburse 12 billion of them and the rest are pending completion”.

“His Excellency the President requested to expedite the payment of compensation to the affected people and to overcome the delay that has occurred so far as a result of the administrative routine” Abboud asserted, pointing out that the priority is to help the affected people who have not yet received any financial compensation or partial compensation that must be completed.—Presidency Press Office 





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