Mikati from the Vatican: Pope Francis has affirmed all necessary efforts will be made to help Lebanon restore peace and stability

NNA - Pope Francis called, during his meeting this Thursday at the Vatican with Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, for the cooperation of all Lebanese in order to save their country, "the message as described by Pope John Paul II."

His holiness hoped that Lebanon would recover its role as a model of dialogue and link between the East and the West. "Lebanon's concerns are many. I will carry them in my prayers so that God can rid it of all the crises it faces," Pope Francis said.

For his part, Prime Minister Mikati stressed that the war which has almost damaged coexistence, has taught us to protect this characteristic. "Today, we will make major efforts to preserve coexistence despite the ongoing challenges, as it is a guarantee of a future without discrimination," he said.

"The Pope has expressed confidence in the Lebanese ability to overcome hardship, while emphasizing the importance of the continuation of the role played by the Lebanese and their interaction with their Arab environment," Mikati went on.

"Pope Francis has affirmed that he will make all necessary efforts with international bodies to help Lebanon and restore peace and stability in the country," the PM concluded.

Mikati later met with Secretary of State of the Holy See, Cardinal Parolin, accompanied by Secretary of inter-state relations, Bishop Paul Richard Gallagher.

During the talks held at the Secretariat of State, emphasis was placed on the historical relations between the Holy See and Lebanon and on the important role played by the Catholic Church in this country. Discussions also touched on the conditions that the Lebanese people are living at present, particularly the political and socio-economic crises, wishing that justice, reforms, and the support of the international community would contribute to improving the situation in the country of Cedar.

The meeting was also an opportunity to reiterate how important it is to promote not only the notion of full citizenship for all Lebanese, but also peaceful coexistence, so that Lebanon continues to be a message of peace and brotherhood that arises from the Middle East.



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