Houry: Latest talks against Siniora are indirect threats

NNA - Member of Parliament Ammar Houry described on Tuesday the talks during the last 24 hours against former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora as those indirect threats which targeted many of March 14 in an aim to weaken March 14 Forces.

Commenting on Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri's words that " any de facto cabinet will disrupt the presidential elections", the MP told "Voice of Lebanon" radio that March 8 had lately adopted a strange technique in pumping ideas that would not help in building the country, such as "attacking" Former Prime Minister Siniora and accusing him of carrying out an American agenda and driving the country to strife.

Houry called upon the other party (March 8) to reconsider these manners.

"The other party continues the destruction of the State and its Institutions," Houry stressed, saying that the only alternative of not forming a new cabinet would be maintaining the current status and destroying the Lebanese hopes.

Talking about Siniora's call to dismantle all illegal weapons, the Lawmaker said that " the mechanism and work plan are under discussion" and the main target has been to commit to the state and protect it, pointing that after the assassination of late former Minister Shatah they were more committed to their announced principles.


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