Monday 15 Apr 2024 - 12:00

10:29 pm


Al-Makary contacts Nimr Jabr: Attacking him is a crime that will not pass

NNA - Caretaker Minister of Information, Ziad al-Makary, contacted his colleague Nimr Jabr, who was attacked by members of the "Sagesse Sports Club Fans Association" in Ghazir, while he was carrying out his professional duty.

After Al-Makary was briefed by Jabr on the details of the incident, he confirmed that what happened “has nothing to do with sports ethics, and it is unfortunate and condemned by all standards and has no justification, especially since our colleague Nimr Jabr was carrying out his duty that he never failed to do for many years, and he is a member In the Editors Syndicate and in the General Assembly of the Sagesse Club."

Makary indicated that he would follow up on the matter "until every aggressor receives the punishment he deserves, because attacking journalists is a crime that we do not accept and will not pass."




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