Friday 21 Jun 2024 - 12:00

10:37 am


World Cup Qatar: Poland beats Saudi Arabia (2-0)

NNA - Poland won its first victory over Saudi Arabia 2-0 (1-0 first half) in the match that took place between them this afternoon at Education City Stadium, in the second phase of the matches of Group C of the 22nd FIFA World Cup hosted by Qatar until December 18.

Consequnetly, Poland raised its tally to four points, taking a step forward into the second round while Saudi Arabia has to achieve a positive result against Mexico in the last stage of the first round next Wednesday to continue its World Cup journey.

During the third stage of the first round of Group 9, the following matches will take place at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 30:

  • Poland – Argentina
  • Saudi Arabia - Mexico.




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