Kadri spurns 'double standard' cabinet

Tue 12 Mar 2013 at 14:21 Politics

NNA - Member of Parliament, Ziad Kadri, spoke on Tuesday of a double standard cabinet in Lebanon, dubbing the one led by Prime Minister Najib Mikati as illusionary, whilst dubbing the other one as Iranian.

Interviewed by "Orient" radio, the Future bloc MP explained further that the Mikati-led cabinet's dissociation policy was a mere delusion. He made clear that the cabinet that was actually running the state's strategic, political, diplomatic, and military juncture was Syrian-Iranian par excellence.

The lawmaker couldn't help but wonder how "Prime Minister Najib Mikati would send Lebanon's Foreign Affairs Minister a letter by using the diplomatic means usually adopted between countries and not inside a cabinet."

"This is an outright indicator that there exist two cabinets and two states in Lebanon," he said.

The entire region is at great risk, not to mention immersed in chaos, the MP went on to warn.

"But Lebanon still preserves the minimum of required security," Kadri added, albeit cautioned from Hezbollah's "relentless attempts" to submerge Lebanon in Syria's unrest.

"At the time we seek to create a safety network in Lebanon and to stabilize internal peace, we find other parties seeking to make of Lebanon a liquidation field to settle regional scores," he added.


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