Abou Faour reveals another list of contaminated food sellers: We will enter all regions including Dahiya, Baalbeck

Thu 13 Nov 2014 at 12:47 Economy
NNA - Minister of Public Health, Wael Abou Faour, announced on Thursday in a press conference another list of restaurants and supermarkets which sell commodities that do not meet food criteria. The new list came within the latest food industry scandal that Abou Faour started last Tuesday.

The Minister stressed that the campaign to fight corruption and protect citizens' health will continue, clarifying "we will enter all regions including Baalbeck , Dahiya and Hizbullah's regions."

It is to note that some well-known restaurants and supermarkets were among the newly released lists of contaminated food sellers.

Abou Faour confirmed that he would announce via media the name of each establishment that has commodities which violate food criteria and would encourage all successful economic establishments.

The minister said that the ministry is willing to repeat the tests for any establishment that would ask for that, adding "I have sent a list of the violated establishments to the Minister of Interior and the Municipalities and I thank him for his cooperation."

Abou Faour wondered why Minister of Economy and Trade Alain Hakim rushed to talk about the economic establishments every time the Ministry of Health performs a certain step.

"Tourism and Economy would not rise on the citizen's dead body," Abou Faour said, noting that the problems of some restaurants can be fixed.

"There is a problem in the imported and local meat, but our concern is citizens from the north to the south," Abou Faour said, stressing that his ministry will continue fighting corruption.

Responding to Minister of Tourism Michel Pharaon's rhetoric, Abou Faour asked "does not the security situation harm tourism?" adding "Let each Minister perform his duties."

The list that Abou Faour revealed during today's press conference included :
Spinneys supermarket in Al-Hazmieh; supermarket Fahd in Furn Al-Chebbak; supermarket Hashem in Kesrwan; supermarket Trust in Kesrwan; supermarket Tout Prix in Kesrwan; supermarket Faddoul; Wardini Establishment in Sahel Alma; supermarket Daghfal in Aachkout; supermarket Aoun in Cheyyah; Abou Jihad restaurant in Jal El-Dib; Halabi restaurant in Antelias; TSC in Jnah; Abou Joseph restaurant in Jal El-Dib; Monoprix in Jnah; Halabi restaurant in Antelias; Supermarket Keyrouz in Jdeidet Ghazir and Keyrouz Bakery in Jdeidet Ghazir .

It is to note that the commodities which did not meet the food criteria in the above mentioned supermarkets and restaurants are mainly minced meat, Kafta, Taouk,Chawarma, sausages, Fahita, escalope except for Keyrouz bakery where cheese did not meet the said criteria.


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