Geagea confirms ISIS will not enter Lebanese territories, March 14 as coherent as ever

Fri 08 Aug 2014 at 13:59 Politics

NNA - Lebanese Forces Leader, Samir Geagea, on Friday asserted that Daesh will not be able to enter a single Lebanese territory, saying that the Lebanese have refused to cave into any sort of fear inflicted by the so-called ISIS, "and they never will."

The Lebanese stand before the sole ultimatum of building a robust state and avoiding the establishment of military groups here and there, Geagea said.

"We do not accept the presence of armed Syrians on our land. Our only concern is to get Syrian militants out of Arsal. I don't think that the Lebanese Army will allow a single militant to stay in the region," Geagea said in an interview with "Free Lebanon" radio station.

In response to a question whether he blames Hezbollah for the army's involvement with militants in Arsal, the Lebanese Forces leader said that he did not posses any information that confirmed such a possibility at the time being.

"Hezbollah's involvement in the Syrian war has left the door wide open before extremists -- whether Daesh or Nusra Front -- to enter Lebanon," he said, pointing to some hidden intentions by some groups to keep the clashes ignited between armed groups and the Lebanese Army "to become the fight of the Syrian regime against militants."

As for the refusal of some sides to include all the eastern borders within International Security resolution #1701, Geagea called on the Lebanese Army to demonstrate full control of said borders to prohibit all armed group -- without distinction -- to enter the Lebanese territories.

"Claims that border control entails a huge number of soldiers are no longer valid, especially at the presence of electronic equipment that can facilitate this process -- as the case is in foreign countries," he said.

Touching on the beleaguered Christian societies of Syria and Iraq, Geagea regretted that they had to suffer such atrocities at the hands of Daesh.

"Daesh will not escape judgment. It will eventually be held severely accountable," he said.

Amid the simmering circumstances at the regional scene, Geagea depicted Lebanon as "a small boat being thrown by the waves of regional instability, but remains steadfast and will eventually reach the safety shore."

As for presidential elections and Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's support to FPM leader, Deputy General Michel Aoun's presidential candidacy, Geagea said that elections should never serve as gerrymandering.

"It is Nasrallah's every right to support Aoun, but nothing justifies skipping presidential election sessions," he said, pushing all concerned sides to swiftly ensure the election of a new Lebanese President.

He also refused any attempt to tamper with constitutional deadlines, hoping that the presidential election would take place before the parliamentary election.

Geagea did not fail to confirm the strong existing relations among the members of March 14 political camp.

"We are not political tradesmen and we fully adhere to our political principles and our political program. March 14 shall ever remain coherent and has in mind a road map to follow within the forthcoming phase," he added.

Regarding the Lebanese Forces' relation with the Future Movement, Geagea said that the LF would never want to replace its relation with its moderate Sunni ally --Future Movement-- with any other.


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