Kabbara: Arsal events part of IranianSyrian project hatched against Sunnis

Sun 03 Aug 2014 at 15:23 Politics
NNA - Following a meeting for the National Islamic Gathering held on Sunday at the residence of MP Mohammad Kabbara, the latter called for a firm conscientious stand in front of God and nation because everyone will have to answer to the people.

The gatherers issued a statement stressing that what is happening in the heroic Sunni town of Arsal is only one link in the chain of the Syrian-Iranian plan to impose submission on the Sunni community.

The statement warned against "any decision that would transform the army from a national institution, whose duty is to protect all Lebanese, to one similar to [Nouri] Al-Maliki's army."

Kabbara asserted that the gatherers refuse to use Sunnis as human shields to protect the "militia of Hezb-Iran."

"Had the army deployed at the border from the beginning, we would not have gotten to this."

The MP requested that pressure be applied on HEzbollah to halt its fire on Arsal so that armed militants could withdraw.


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