Berri voices support for Gaza, Christians of Mosul

Sat 26 Jul 2014 at 16:32 Politics
NNA - The Lebanese Parliament convened on Saturday in a show of solidarity with Gaza and the people of Mosul, particularly the Christians, as speaker Nabih Berri urged Arab, Muslim and International communities to take a firm stand against Israeli and ISIL criminals and bring them to justice.

Berri announced in a statement Lebanon's full solidarity with the Palestinian people, particularly in Gaza, against the "bloody terrorist Israeli aggression." He hailed the martyrs of Palestine and urged the resistance to press on.

"The Parliament calls for lifting the siege off of Gaza...and releasing Palestinian prisoners, especially the deputies of the legislative and national councils," said Berri.

Legal action should also be taken against the Israeli criminals of war for their crimes against civilians, especially women and children. The Parliament also called for establishing a "higher Arab Council that is concerned with rebuilding Gaza Strip and other Palestinian regions which continue to be destroyed."

The Speaker defended the Christians of Mosul against the violence and displacement they were subjected to by ISIL in Iraq.

"We call for active international action to halt these organized terrorist crimes, which have gone too far due to silence in the face of their perpetrators in various Arab regions...we call for a speedy trial of these takfirists war criminals."


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