Aoun suggests constitutional amendment, election of president by people

Mon 30 Jun 2014 at 12:41 Politics
NNA - "Change and Reform" bloc member, Deputy Michel Aoun, on Monday proposed in a press conference at his Rabieh residence, "a salvation initiative" which includes "amendments to the constitution."

Aoun said that the people should be allowed to elect a Maronite president over two rounds to make the Christian role valuable.

Also, the MP asked for the approval of a new electoral law which would secure a fair representative.

Aoun also proposed that every sect should elect its own deputies at parliament, asserting that this would provide justice and stability. He refused claims that this proposal would only consecrate sectarianism.

On another note, Aoun rebuffed holding his bloc responsible for disrupting the presidential election and reaching vacuum.

"You have lived for 24 years within void and not only since May 24th," he told March 14 forces, adding "it's high time to put an end to presidential vacuum," he concluded.


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