Fatfat: Geagea's candidacy did not embarrass us

Sat 12 Apr 2014 at 14:28 Politics
NNA - Future Bloc MP Ahmad Fatfat is certain that the country will have a new President by May 26, albeit who that man will be remains uncertain. He confirmed to Al Sharq radio on Saturday that the candidacy of Samir Geagea was expected, and thus did not embarrass or surprise anyone in March 14 Camp.

The expected candidates of March 14 were, in addition to Geagea, Amine Gemayel, Boutros Harb, Robert Ghanem and Jihad Azour. Fatfat described Geagea's candidacy as a "favour for Lebanese democracy."

Future Bloc planned a meeting soon to discuss presidential elections. The MP stated that if by then the sole candidate was Geagea, then he would definitely vote for him.

Blaming the current economic and security situation on the "coup of the black shirts" in a reference to Hezbollah, Fatfat criticized Hassan Nasrallah for wanting a president "made in Lebanon" while his own decision was made elsewhere, namely Tehran.

"We don't know who Nasrallah's candidate is...but I read that his favourite candidate is the army commander [followed by] Michel Aoun."

Fatfat concluded that there was an international agreement to spare Lebanon the raging fire in Syria and preserve the minimum degree of stability domestically.


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