Poland appeals to Ministry of Environment to allow storks to safely cross Lebanese skies

Fri 11 Apr 2014 at 13:10 Politics
NNA - Environment Minister, Mohammad Mashnouk, met on Friday with the Polish Ambassador to Lebanon, Wojciech Bozekin, who relayed his country's request to allow storks to safely cross the Lebanese skies on their way back to Poland to breed safely.

Over 62 bird species fly over Lebanon (and the Levant region) to reach their destination in Poland. Most bird migrations take place in March and April.

The Ambassador briefed Mashnouk on a bad impression that had created about the Lebanese people "who hunt storks during their migrating season and post their pictures on Facebook."

In turn, the Minister pledged to follow up on the matter and assured the Polish diplomat that special environmental lawyers have been appointed to halt such infractions in cooperation with concerned municipalities.

Among other birds, a White Stork, is not only a migrating bird as many other species, but an important legendary bird that has appeared in folk tales and traditional Polish fables over centuries.


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