Amine Gemayel: I may run for presidency depending on circumstances

Sat 22 Feb 2014 at 11:27 Politics
NNA - Head of Kataeb Party, Amine Gemayel, told Iran's Al Kowthar TV that running for president is a possibility pending the situation in Lebanon and the region at the time of elections.

The former President censured "policies of domination" applied by consecutive US administrations in the Middle East, while lauding Iranian presence in the region and pushing for deeper and better ties with the Islamic State "for the sake of countries in the region."

"25th of May is a definitive date and I call upon all Christian leaderships to agree in order to have a strong president that represents his community," said Gemayel.

Although unanimous agreement over a president was far fetched, Gemayel settled with a consensual president. The once president did not leave out the option of running for presidency again. However, he left that matter to be decided upon by future circumstances.

Gemayel touched on the newly formed Cabinet's work, saying its main effort should focus on eradicating terrorist groups. He attributed loose security to lack of consensus among Lebanese factions.

"The Cabinet now provides cover for military and security institutions to put an end to what is going on in more than one Lebanese region."

Gemayel called upon international and regional countries, namely US, Russia, KSA and Iran to face this terrorism which could grow beyond the boundaries of Lebanon and Syria. On that note, he accused "certain countries" of funding said terrorist groups in Lebanon and Syria.

He deemed the Syrian crisis as a by-product of American attempts to control the region, particularly Syria, and its people.

"Israel benefits the most from this," he declared, asking, "to whose benefit is it to weaken the Syrian army?"

Gemayel concluded by praising the Islamic Republic of Iran in its perpetual efforts to better the lives of its citizens and its ties with regional countries.


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