Biography of Minister of the Environment Mohammad Machnouk

Sat 15 Feb 2014 at 14:39 Politics

NNA - The National News Agency publishes a brief review on Minister of the Environment Mohammad Machnouk:

- Born in 1941.

- Married to Minou Hexspoor and has four children.

- Has a B.A. in political Science and Public Administration from AUB in 1968.

- Has a degree in Media from University of Strasbourg in France in 1970.

- Director General of the Beirut al Massa newspaper (1966-1973).

- Director-General of the National News Agency at the Ministry of Information (1973-1979).

- Representative of Lebanon to the Standing Committee of the Arab Media in the Arab League (1973-1979).

- President of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (1988-1989).

- Lecturer in media at the Lebanese University and Beirut University College (1975-1985).

- Member of Lebanese Press Syndicate and the Arab Publishers Union.

- Member of the Board of Trustees of Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association (1978-2004), and Chairman of the Education Committee (1994-2004).

- President of the Cultural Council of the city of Beirut (2000-2004).

- President of the American University Alumni Association (1998-2004) and a member of its Supreme Council.



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