Rai refuses to take bystander's position from what threatens Lebanon's future

Wed 05 Feb 2014 at 14:31 Politics
NNA - Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Rai reconfirmed the Church constants, saying that the Church cannot have a bystander position from what threatens Lebanon.

"What saves the Lebanese experience, is moving forward with accomplishing the Lebanese state-building," Rai said in his national memorandum which he announced from Bkirki on Wednesday, on the occasion of Saint Maroun Day.

The Patriarch pointed that the memorandum stresses coexistence and the national constitution.

"As for coexistence... it is the core of the Lebanese experience," Rai said, confirming that the core of coexistence is belonging to a civilized project where Islam and Christianity meet.

He added that this civilized project is based on three constants: Freedom, equality in participation and preserving diversity; constants that have been the foundation of building the Lebanese state.

Referring to the national constitution, the memorandum said that it has never been just settlements or temporary agreements which might be accepted today and rejected tomorrow or at times where interests and choices contradict.

Moreover, the memorandum pointed that the formula came to reflect the historical experience which says that Lebanon cannot rise except by its two wings, the Muslim and the Christian, pointing that it has never been based on numerical standards.

Rai warned all the Lebanese, mainly political officials, from sticking to individuality, intransigence and hunger for power, pointing that this would take Lebanon into the abyss.

His Beatitude confirmed that some of the dangerous repercussions of disabling the constitutions is transforming constitutional deadlines to existential crises instead of having them as democratic opportunities to have smooth authority rotation.

The memorandum stressed Lebanon's positive neutrality based on his defense force via supporting the Army and all security forces with commitment to Arab causes, mainly the Palestinian one and that related to justice, coexistence, diversity in unity, patriot-ship rights and building peace, highlighting the need of this quality in the region which imposes Lebanon's presence.

Rai said that work should focus on sparing Lebanon conflicts between regional and international axes as stated by "Baabda declaration."

Exiting the current crisis can only be through going back to higher national interest based on accord and constitution, the memorandum said.

It also stressed domestic dialogue which should be within the institutions' framework, controlled by harmony democratic mechanisms to be able to consolidate real peace.

It also stressed election of a new president of the Republic on schedule, highlighting the need to form a competent cabinet that commits to its ministerial statements, boost the national economy and establish equality and social justice.

His Beatitude called to take care of the youth who are the "biggest well" in this country.

Rai concluded that Lebanon was a unique humanitarian experience in this world, pledging the Maronite Church's unremitting attachment to its national message.


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