MP Qabbani accuses Ministers Bassil, Aridi of corruption

Thu 19 Dec 2013 at 15:55 Politics

NNA - Both Ministers of Energy Resources and Public Works were in crosshairs Thursday of a strong-worded diatribe lobbed by Future MP Mohammad Qabbani, who accused some Cabinet members of record corruption.

"This government is the government of failure and corruption; nay, it is the most corrupt government in the history of Lebanon, except for few ministers," the lawmaker told a news conference at the Parliament.

"The two concerned ministries comprise the key service sectors: electricity, water, oil, gas, transportation, and others," the Head of the Public Works, Transportation, Energy and Water House committee said, accusing Ministers Gebran Bassil and Ghazi Aridi of failure and corruption.

On the electricity sector, the Beirut lawmaker slammed Bassil for what he termed as violating the Constitution and laws. He explained that the Free Patriotic Movement's minister's contraventions included contracts made with the Service Provider and power-generating ships, the failure to form a regulatory body for the electricity sector, and the constant water scarcity.

For his part, Minister Ghazi Aridi was not spared Qabbani's harangue. The Deputy accused the Transportation Minister of failure to form the needed committee to draw the directional plan of Lebanon's civil aviation.

He further accused him of a range of violations of maritime properties.

"What is sought today is an ethical revolution to disclose the dossiers of civil servants and officials," Qabbani said.


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