Political figures rush to Iranian Embassy scene in Bir Hassan

Tue 19 Nov 2013 at 14:45 Politics
NNA - Political figures rushed on Tuesday to the Iranian Embassy in Bir Hassan, where the twin blasts took place in the vicinity of the diplomatic headquarters this morning, causing the death of 23 people and injuring 147, according to preliminary reports.

These Lebanese figures were: MP Bilal Farhat, MPs Hani Kobeissy and Nawar Sahili of the Liberation and Development parliamentary bloc, and MPs Emile Rahme and Hekmat Dib of the Change and Reform bloc.

"This double attack targets the stability of Lebanon," MP Kobeissy said in a statement he delivered following his inspection for the explosion scene.

Kobeissy accused "Israel and Takfirist groups (...) of being behind the bloody explosions."

As for his part, Sahili criticized the lack of security measures that ought to limit suicide bombings in the country.

"Hezbollah is defending all the Lebanese and not a specific category," he explained.

MP Emile Rahme said that there was a party seeking to eliminate both Muslims and Christians in Lebanon.

As for MP Hekmat Dib, he said that Lebanon will often be subject to such attacks, since many suicide bombers have infiltrated the country under humanitarian pretexts.


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