Sleiman: to respect dissociation policy based on Baabda declaration

Wed 28 Aug 2013 at 12:18 Politics
NNA - President of the Republic, Michel Sleiman called upon all political forces to respect and re-adopt the dissociation based on Baabda Declaration and place the national interest, especially at this stage, over any other consideration.

The President reminded of the Lebanese constants that called for finding solution to the Syrian crisis away from any foreign military intervention.

Sleiman stressed "the need to continue carrying out the steps and procedures needed to deal with the displaced Syrians' crisis which has imposed additional burden on the Lebanese current situation and in anticipation of any developments and prospects."

It is to note that Caretaker Minister of Social Affairs Wael Abou Faour made a statement after the ministerial meeting, chaired by President Sleiman today before noon at Baabda Palace, in which he said that the attendees decided to continue dealing with the displaced Syrians' crisis in agreement with the legal and humane commitments and duties ; as well as, fortifying and protecting Lebanon from any negative repercussions in anticipation to any developments or additional burden which might stem out from the increase of tension.

He added that the attendees have also agreed on taking certain procedures in this regard in cooperation with the UN and the concerned humane organizations.


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