Choueib to NNA: We thank Zouar Imam Rida

Fri 09 Aug 2013 at 14:19 Politics
NNA - Spokesperson of families of Azaz abductees told National News Agency Friday that he is grateful for the group that calls itself Zouar Imam Rida for supporting his cause and kidnapping two Turkish Airlines' crew members.

Although he hinted that he and the families were against kidnapping in general, he contended that the families of Lebanese who were abducted in Syria in May 2012 had no other choice.

"May God grant them health," he said in reference to Zouar Imam Rida, "we thank this group and wish upon them to treat the abductees well in accordance with religion and ethics."

Separately, Sheikh Aabass Zougheib, who is delegated by Higher Islamic Shiite Council to follow up on the Azaz case, said to NNA that he awaited to see the motives of the kidnapers.

He also asserted that the name of this group has "come up before during military operations."


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