Sheikh Zougheib to NNA: Families of Azaz abductees not involved in kidnapping of Turkish pilot and copilot

Fri 09 Aug 2013 at 13:47 Politics
NNA - Sheikh Abbas Zougheib, commissioned by the Higher Shiite Council to follow up the case of Lebanese hostages in Syria, said Friday that there is no relationship between the kidnapping of Turkish pilots and case of Lebanese hostages in Syria.

Armed men took hostage Friday morning two crew members of Turkish Airlines, Murat Akpinar pilot and Copilot Murat Agga, on Cocodille Highway in Beirut.

"If this abduction is to settle the question of Lebanese abducted in Syria, we support it and we call on all parties to do so. However, if it is a ransom demand, we condemn it," he said in an interview with the National News Agency.

The spokesperson for the families of Lebanese hostages in Syria Daniel Choueib said he has no idea about the kidnapping.

"If the kidnapping was personal, we do not support it. We will take the proper position when we are informed of the purpose of the kidnapping," he concluded.


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