Protestor dies after sustaining wounds in front of Iranian embassy

Sun 09 Jun 2013 at 14:57 Security

NNA - Hisham Salman, one of the protestors against Hezbollah's military interference in Syria, passed away shortly after sustaining gunshot wounds in front of the Iranian embassy, NNA correspondent and a report by Lebanese Army stated Sunday.

Protestors from Lebanese Option party gathered Sunday in front of the Iranian embassy in protest against Hezbollah's fighting alongside Bashar Assad's regime in Quseir. The protest escalated into violence with the use of lethal weapons when local men from the neighborhood clashed with the gatherers.

Salman was rushed to Rafik Hariri hospital, but his wounds proved deadly.

A statement by Army Command - Orientation Directorate today corroborated the story, and assured that army units cordoned off the area and is currently in pursuit of the shooter.


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