Tue 24 May 2016 | 04:39

Houjeiri's body transferred to Dar AlAmal University hospital

NNA - Hussein Mohammed Houjeiri's body is transferred to Dar Al-Amal University hospital

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Army security measures in Ersal surroundings, raids in Tarayya

NNA - The Army is carrying out security measures in Arsal surroundings and is executing raid

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Army patrols, armed deployment in Baalbek in wake of Mohammad Houjeiri's assassination

NNA - The town of Arsal is currently witnessing invigorated Army patrols and deployment in th

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General Security: Syrian, detained over belonging to terrorist group

NNA - A patrol from the General Security - General Directorate detained upon a notice f

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Mohammad Houjeiri's corps found on tomb of martyr Hammieh in Taraya

NNA - The corps of Mohammad Houjeiri (the nephew of Mostapha Houjeiri, nicknamed Abou Takieh)

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Army apprehends Daesh senior terrorist in Arsal

NNA - The Army in a qualitative operation has detained Daesh senior terrorist in Arsal, Sameh

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Unidentified persons abduct Abou Takeyeh's nephew

NNA - Unknown individuals have kidnapped the nephew of Mohamad Hujeiri known as "Abou Takeyeh

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Unidentified men open fire on residence of Ksarnaba municipality head

NNA - A group of unidentified men opened fire on the residence of Ksarnaba municipality head,

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Man fires rifle, receives serious injury

NNA - A citizen fired a rifle into his abdomen which led to a severe injury for which he was

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Mock bombs found in Sidon's Dekerman, Wastani neighborhood

NNA - A mock bomb was found in the area of al-Dekerman, south of Sidon, which turned out to

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Hostile enemy drone overhead

NNA - An Israeli remote - controlled pilotless spy drone, has been spotted over Alma - Shaab

Sun 22 May 2016 at 13:30 Read more

Blank explosive device found in Sidon

NNA - A blank explosive device was found on Sunday in Sidon wrapped with paper gifts and tied

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Army: Israeli reconnaissance flights over Southern areas

NNA - An Israeli reconnaissance drone violated the Lebanese airspace over the Southern town

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Clash in Abi Samra over municipal elections, Army intervenes, blocks road to Zgharta

NNA - A dispute occurred between members of Hassoun family in the town of Abi Samra over mun

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