Sat 30 Apr 2016 | 10:02

Army raids in Baalbeck in search for wanted persons

NNA - The Lebanese Army launched raids on Saturday at 6:00 a.m. Sharawina neighborhood in Ba

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Army: Followingup with UNIFIL over Israeli enemy breach of our territorial waters

NNA - "An Israeli enemy gunboat violated the Lebanese territorial waters off Ras al-Naqoura a

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Army: Enemy reconnaissance drone circles over West Bekaa, South

NNA - An Israeli enemy reconnaissance plane violated the Lebanese airspace over the town of S

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Army: 3 enemy planes violated Lebanese airspace

NNA - An Israeli reconnaissance plane violated at 9:05 am today the Lebanese airspace above

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Army carries out raids in Brital

NNA - The Lebanese army carried out a series of raids in the town of Brital, in search of wa

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Army kills Daesh senior, his bodyguard, arrests another

NNA - In a qualitative operation resulting from thorough surveillance, the Lebanese Army atta

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Army: Enemy boat violates Lebanese regional waters off Ras Al Nakoura

NNA - An Israeli enemy war boat violated on Wednesday at 6:19 p.m. the Lebanese regional wat

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Syrian apprehended in Ghazieh on collaboration charges

NNA - ISF Information Branch raided on Thursday Al Sanabel bakery in Ghazieh region, and arr

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Bomb tossed in front of butchery in Sadikine

NNA - Lebanese national, Kassem Taleb Balhas, of Sadikine village said that a bomb was tossed

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Army kills Daesh senior terrorist in Arsal

NNA - The Lebanese Army carried out on Thursday morning a qualitative operation in Arsal and

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Army: Enemy patrol attempted to snatch shepherd in Shebaa

NNA - An infantry patrol belonging to the Israeli enemy crossed, at 1:45 pm, the withdrawal

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One wounded in Bazzal against backdrop of municipal elections dispute

NNA - One person got wounded in Akkar's town of Bazzal in fire shooting due to a municip

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Army: 14 Syrians arrested in Akkar

NNA - The army arrested 14 Syrians in Akkar for unauthorized presence on Lebanese territories

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Army releases one Syrian arrested

NNA - One of the two Syrians who were arrested by the army yesterday on suspicion of their af

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