Mon 30 Nov 2015 | 10:34

Rocket missile unprepared for exploding found in Jensnaya

NNA - NNA field reporter in Sidon said that a rocket missile of B7 type has been found today

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Army apprehends 81 Syrians over illegal presence across Lebanon

NNA - The Lebanese Army on Monday raided a number of Lebanese regions and arrested 81 Syrian

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State Security apprehends man forging passports of different nationalities

NNA - A man with the initials "H.J." (born in 1942) has been apprehended by the State Securit

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Enemy plane breaches Lebanese airspace above Riyak, Baalbek, Hermel, Beirut and Suburbs

NNA - An Israeli reconnaissance plane on Saturday breached the Lebanese airspace at 7:30 a.m.

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Intelligence Directorate arrests Hassanain Husni Zaaiter

NNA - The Intelligence Directorate members arrested on 25/11/2015 in the upper Metn region ,

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Army: Enemy war boat breaches Lebanon's territorial waters

NNA - The Lebanese Army Command - Guidance Directorate issued the following Communiqué: "On F

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Abducted Syrian released

NNA - Abducted Syrian national, Mahmud Mohammad Amer, was released on Saturday after sufferin

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Four Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace

NNA - An Israeli reconnaissance warplane violated the Lebanese airspace on Friday at 6;15 and

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General Security: Any progress in case of kidnapped servicemen will be announced officially

NNA - The General Security issued the following statement: "Any progress in the case of the a

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Armed men kidnap Syrian from Arsal

NNA - Anonymous armed men driving a four-wheel-drive kidnapped on Friday Syrian national Mahm

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Army arrests terrorist Lakis while trying to leave Lebanon

NNA - While he was trying to leave Lebanon with a fake passport, the Lebanese Army intellige

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Heavy gunfire as Haret Sidon bids its son farewell

NNA - National News Agency correspondent on Friday reported heavy gunfire in Haret Sidon. It

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Hunting bullet kills citizen in Baalbak by mistake

NNA - NNA field reporter on Friday said that an individual in Baalbak was killed today by mi

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Enemy planes hover above Nabatieh, Iqlim Toufah

NNA - Israeli enemy planes have been hovering above Lebanese territories since 12:30 p.m. and

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