Wed 03 Sep 2014 | 07:33 | Beirut
Tue 02 Sep 2014 at 09:48

Enemy reconnaissance plane violates Lebanese airspace

NNA - The Lebanese Army Command - Orientation Directorate issued on Tuesday the following statement: "An Israeli reconnaissance plane violated the Lebanese airspace at 6:00 a.m. from above Alma el Shaab and conducted circular flights above southern regions, Bekaa, Riyek, Baalbek and Hermel. The ene

Tue 02 Sep 2014 at 09:13

Sonic bomb tossed in Miyeh W Miyeh camp

NNA - A sonic bomb was tossed on Tuesday near the Palestinian National Security checkpoint in Miyeh W Miyeh camp, causing zero damages, the NNA correspondent reported. ==================L.W.

Tue 02 Sep 2014 at 08:15

Anti drug division seizes 200 thousand Captagon tablets

NNA - The Anti-Drug Division of Lebanon's police seized on Tuesday 200 thousand Captagon tablets that were destined to be sold in the local markets, as reported by the Customs General Director Shafik Merhii. ==================L.W.

Tue 02 Sep 2014 at 04:44

Relatives of military hostage cut off Baalbeck highway

NNA - The relatives of kidnapped soldier Ali Hajj Hassan today cut off Baalbeck highway with burning tires, at the American University, in protest at their son's abduction, National News Agency correspondent reported on Tuesday. They had earlier blocked the north Bekaa way at the entrance of S

Tue 02 Sep 2014 at 04:30

Army arrests two Syrians carrying Daesh mottos in Nabatieh

NNA - NNA field reporter in the South on Tuesday said the intelligence department of the Lebanese Army managed to arrest today the two Syrians, Mustafa Sahu and Amer Sahu, for being detected as carrying in their car mottos and black bandages for the terrorist organization "Daesh" and large photos fo

Tue 02 Sep 2014 at 03:00

Shaat road cut off in protest at threats to slaughter soldier

NNA - The family of Hajj Hassan cut off the north Bekaa road at the entrance of Shaat town in the region of Hrebta, in protest at threats to slaughter Ali Hajj Hassan, a soldier from the family who is kidnapped by the terrorist groups in Arsal, National News Agency correspondent reported on Tuesday