Sun 14 Feb 2016 | 11:58

Army shells militant posts in Anti Lebanon Mountains

NNA - The Lebanese Armed Forces are currently bombarding the posts of militants in Anti Leban

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Israeli drone flies over Lebanese regions

NNA - An Israeli m-k drone breached Lebanon's airspace on Sunday and flew over Arqoub, Ha

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Army: We are followingup with UNIFIL on the enemy's firing of 3 smoke bombs against shepherds

NNA - In a new breach of Lebanese sovereignty, the Israeli enemy fired at 8:30 a.m. on Saturd

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Enemy drone circles over South

NNA - An Israeli reconnaissance aircraft breached the Lebanese airspace over the town of Naqo

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Army: 12 Syrians arrested for illegal entry into Lebanon

NNA - "Lebanese Army units in the area of Dinnieh-North Lebanon arrested Saturday 12 Syrian n

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Two criminal van drivers arrested in the Bekaa

NNA - Intelligence Gathering Section operatives have arrested on Saturday two van drivers su

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Stringent security measures in Tyr following social media tip about imminent suicide bombing

NNA - Stringent security measures have been adopted in Tyr by the LAF and Security Forces fo

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Army: Hostile gunboat off Naqoura

NNA - Army Directorate for Guidance has been in contact with UNIFIL Command over a fresh Isr

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Information Branch releases kidnapped Moawad, arrests captures

NNA - The Information Branch of the Internal Security Forces successfully freed on Saturday a

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Army: Multiple Israeli breaches of Lebanese airspace

NNA - Three Israeli remote-controlled pilotless spy drones, have intermittently affected the

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Casualties, damage hit Nusra Front posts in Lizab

NNA - Lebanese Armed Forces targeted on Saturday militants on the move using rockets and art

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General Security: Lebanese charged with taking bomber to Burj Brajneh

NNA - A Lebanese national notoriously known for his human trafficking and gun running preced

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Mouawad kidnappers demand $ 1 million ransom

NNA - It has been known that the citizen Ousama Mouawad who was missed today morning while h

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Israeli troops hurl smoke bombs at south Wazzani

NNA - An Israeli task force hurled four smoke bombs at the southern Lebanese border region of

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