Tue 17 Jan 2017 | 08:58

Army: Two enemy drones violated Lebanese airspace

NNA - A reconnaissance drone belonging to the Israeli enemy violated, at 8:15 am today, the

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Israeli spy drone crashes over Naqoura, LAF intensify search patrols

NNA - A reconnaissance drone belonging to the Israeli enemy crashed today over the regi

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Army artillery shells gunmen movements in Arsal outskirts

NNA - The Lebanese army heavy artillery is currently targeting armed men's movements in

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Fresh Israeli breach of Lebanese airspace

NNA - Israeli enemy warplanes are currently effectuating medium-altitude overflights ov

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Enemy sets up earthen barricade parallel to Blida's technical wire

NNA - The Israeli enemy on Monday set up an earthen barricade parallel to the technical line

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Enemy drone circles over Western Bekaa and the South for 8 hours

NNA - An Israeli enemy reconnaissance aircraft breached the Lebanese airspace over the town

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Officer, ISF member and 2 civilians wounded in a car collision with a barrier in Tripoli

NNA - A "Hyundai" vehicle crashed into a barrier belonging to the internal security forces i

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ISF arrests 3 Bengali nationals linked to murder of little girl in Kfarshima

NNA - The ISF Directorate General - Public Relations Department issued a statement on Sunday

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Bomb tossed in Ain Helwe Camp, no casualties reported

NNA - National News Agency Correspondent said on Sunday that an unidentified person in the M

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Four cellphones found with inmates at Qoubba jail

NNA - Four mobile phones were confiscated from inmates at Qoubba penitentiary during a nig

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Army: Citizen killed after speeding through military checkpoint with 2 other persons in Hermel and shooting at Army soldiers

NNA - In an issued communiqu by the Army Command Orientation Directorate on Saturday, it in

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Man killed for not complying with army orders in Hermel

NNA - Lebanese national Mohammad Dandach, 25 years old, was killed on Saturday in Hermel'

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LAF raids Hermel outskirts

NNA - The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) raided on Saturday the outskirts of Hermel, NNA corresp

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Two prisoners wounded while attempting escape in Zahle

NNA - Two inmates identified as Ismail Shoukeir and Hamza Rajeh Jaafar were wounded as they a

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